The Duke of Edinburgh

When I think certain instances where leadership has really inspired me, many come to mind, but I can remember one very clearly. This summer when I interned in London, I worked for a company called The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. This company was funded by The Duke of Edinburgh himself, where he helped to better young people’s lives by starting a charity for them to be involved a camp where they learned life skills. I was fortunate enough to work for an organization where I was able to help plan these fundraising events.

One event we hosted was a Clay Pigeon Shoot in the Royal Gardens where many wealthy individuals bought a $500 ticket just to attend, with one of the guests being Prince Phillip. The citizens of the United Kingdom are very keen on their Royal Family. I remember someone telling me that citizens look up to the Royal Family so much that they would take a bullet for any member. I couldn’t help but to notice how the atmosphere changed when Prince Phillip entered, a true leader. Everyone who was once sitting in their seats stood up as Prince Phillip came into the room. He walked up to the microphone and gave a welcoming speech, where 200 people just gazed at him, soaking up his every word. Later on, the auctioneer led the group in a game of heads and tails, where he jokingly asked everyone to get up out of their seats and stand on their chairs. The 200 wealthy individuals sat down and just stared at each other, wondering if they should take him seriously. Prince Phillip was the first person to get out of their seat and stand on his chair, and everyone soon followed his lead. My coworker next to me was shocked that a member of the Royal Family would do such a thing.

I hope that one day I can be just as influential as Prince Phillip was that day. The whole country looks up to he and his wife, Queen Elizabeth II. He has donated thousands, given motivational speeches, and touched an unbelievable amount of people’s lives throughout his lifetime, it is truly inspiring.


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